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Lego Compressor Co. Ltd.


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Lego Compressor Co., Ltd. Shanghai is China's only high-pressure air compressor manufacturer, is currently the largest production base of the air compressor. Has a miniature high-pressure air compressor industry in China the only independent brand "GOHI", is the largest manufacturer of fire breathing dedicated compressor. Lego Compressor Compressor from highly competitive global market, stand out, the air compressor manufacturing industry in China has been a leading dominant position, forming a LYV, LYX, LYW in 10 series over 30 varieties, displacement from 100L/min increased to 1000L/min, working pressure up to 40Mpa, the smallest models into the world of portable, environmental constraints are not mobile, not the space of a rectangle. High-pressure safety valve pressure stepless control, security, rate of 100%, superior security, the first world counterparts. The main products are high-pressure air compressors, high pressure gas compressors, high pressure breathing air filling pum... [Details]

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